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For the first timer; broaden your horizons

For the working professional; redefine your potential

For the athlete; dominate your sport

For the fitness enthusiast; breakthrough performance barriers

"Constantly varied, functional exercise executed at a high intensity.
Elite fitness for everyone!"

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program that prescribes “constantly varied, functional movement executed at a high intensity”. Weightlifting, gymnastics and endurance components are combined in an endless number of combinations to create full body workouts that challenge the body and soul.

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Getting Started!

Not sure if CrossFit is for you?
Drop in for a free class! Upon arrival, we will walk you through the standard CrossFit Vortex warm-up made up of basic bodyweight exercises. Following warm-up you will get a chance to take part in the WOD with other CFV members.

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Why Choose Us

CrossFit Vortex is not a warehouse gym where you will get lost in the crowd. We are a boutique; we specialize in CrossFit and produce results. We are a team, a family, who share a passion for a fulfilled, healthy routine. In joining the Vortex community, you will gain more than just a workout, you will gain a lifestyle.

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Team Training

At a certain point, the stage for aspiring athletes in all sports becomes extremely competitive. Fitness capacity and the players’ ability to withstand the rigorous demands of their sport should not stand in the way of their goals. In-season and off-season training at CrossFit Vortex will give your team the edge they need.

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Here at CrossFit Vortex we are all about the community. We understand everyone has their own unique story with respect to their experience, fitness levels and future goals. Our members come from all different walks of life; some athletes looking to gain an edge.


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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Mobility 2min KB Bottom position drill 2min TFL Smash L/R Warm-Up 2 Rounds: 10 Dynamic Squat 10 Scapula Retraction 10 Downward Dog Push-up Pre-WOD Clean and Split Jerk 1 EMOM 8min WOD 21-15-9 reps for time of: Push Press (115/75) Box jumps (24/20)  

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Mobility Group Warm-Up Pre-WOD 3 Rounds: 1min Tuck Crunch 1min Single Leg Bridge (30sec L/30sec R) 1min Plank Hold 1min rest WOD Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of: 20 dumbbell full clean (35/25) 60 double-unders  

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