NHL 18: Multiplayer & Hockey Ultimate Team
  • A lot of the previous online game modes in NHL 18 stayed relatively the same, along with some minor tweaks. Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT 18 Coins) was one of those modes, which now features offline challenges to help build the best team possible. HUT Challenges will be updated with dynamic content throughout the year to keep the challenges fresh and entertaining.

    After completing the required goals, players will be given unique rewards that will help improve their team on the fly. This was another sorely missed featured as games like Madden have had it for years and it brought an entirely new element to Ultimate Team. It's the perfect way to get a quick hockey fix. I'll be honest, some of those challenges are pretty difficult as you move up into the higher gameplay difficulties - but they leave you feeling extremely satisfied once they are completed, making HUT Challenges a great addition thus far.

    NHL 18 also offers 64 different multiplayer combinations, which is more than any sports game to date. These new combinations allow you to buy NHL Coins play cooperatively across games modes such as Hockey Ultimate Team, Online Versus, and NHL Threes. Friends can team up whether they're sitting together on the couch, online, or both. This also goes hand-in-hand with the HUT Challenges, which also features some co-op tasks that require a friend to join in on the action.

    I was able to try some of the co-op stuff out during my early access and it truly did live up to the expectations. Since I was able to get a head start on my HUT team, I teamed up with a few friends to show off my roster, and they also helped me complete some of the required HUT Challenges. It was an absolute blast and we had a great time playing some virtual hockey over the weekend.

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