Transmogrification and the Arcanite Ripper.
  • So has anyone tried using the Arcanite Ripper (the 2handed axe from the one-time-only Karazhan event) for transmogrification on the PTR?
    I'm wondering if it'll be barred from use due to it being partially nothing more than a novelty. The reason I'm worried is because the level 60 pvp weapons (the incredibly gaudy ones... Grand Marshal's Claymore comes to mind) aren't currently allowed to be used for this on PTR.
    Someone please bring me the comfort of knowing that I can use this awesome looking weapon in the future. Or not. I would use a copy to test it but I don't have any left.

    I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

    References: ... ite-Ripper

    motion graphics video examples

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