MU Legend: Open beta with the Diablo-like action RPG started

  • 07.11.2017 at 19:11 Webzen has launched the open beta of your Korean action RPG MU Legend. Because the gameplay trailer shows, it reminds a little of Diablo 3. The roleplaying game aims to supply rapidly hack'n slay bouts that you simply fight out either alone or together with other players. MU Legend is definitely an offshoot in the largely popular in Asia MMORPG MU Online.

    Have you normally wanted to play Diablo as an action MMORPG and play Hack'n Slay adventure alone or with buddies? Then maybe the Action RPG MU Legend Zen is for you.

    The role-playing game, which can be getting developed by Webzen, just like Diablo delivers fast hack'n slay battles against hordes of enemies. You discover the world and fight the monsters there either solo or collectively with close friends within a group. You will produce your Hero from on the list of classes Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader, and War Mage, all of which have distinctive skills that truly come into their very own once you fight together in a celebration.

    How this operates, you are able to now come across out for your self, because the open beta with the game is began. To participate, you simply must register around the official web page IGXE and generate a free account. Should you need to see what MU Legend looks like within the initially location, check out the gameplay trailer for the Open Beta.

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