APPOINTMENT Question - Why Has It all Taken You SUCH A LONG TIME TO LOCATE A Job?
  • It's difficult to believe that employers remain asking this kind of issue. Don't they read the newspapers or listen to the news? If indeed they were informed, they would know the answer; i.e. careers are very scarce and difficult to acquire these days, and unemployment is at an all time high since 1994 - in a few areas reaching 14% - 30%. (Sri Lanka)

    Unfortunately, quoting these specifics probably wouldn't get you employment offer and may even lead to the interview ending in short order. Therefore, what is the correct answer to give an interviewer when you're asked such a question? There is no "correct" answer. Nevertheless, a technique that works well is to take the focus off the distance of your job search and to stick it on what you have to give you.

    If Three Key Measures to Gaining THE NEXT Career Opportunity consider it from the employer's side, you can observe a different perspective. It's a "hiring" marketplace, and employers are receiving so many resumes that they have their selection of among many very qualified candidates. When interviewers talk to a question regarding the length of your unemployment, one of their concerns could be that you are undesirable or flawed - (If nobody else wished to hire you, why would they would like to hire you?)

    Your job, as the candidate, is to convince them you have valuable skills and to be able to sell yourself as the perfect solution is with their problem. Using the illustrations below, which of these sample answers would impress you most in the event that you were the interviewer?

    Q. "Why are you out of work so long?"

    A#1. I knew the work market was limited, and I didn't go out and make an effort to get simply any job. I took my time thinking about locating the "right" job. I know your job will be a very good suit for my skills and background.

    A#2. It's an extremely tight job market out there, and it just hasn't been simple to obtain interviews. My abilities just didn't appear to maintain demand, and the competition is really tough.

    A#3. Three Key Actions to Gaining THE NEXT Career Opportunity 'm really not sure. I have a great background with five years experience in this market, and I have knowledge of several software programs. I understand there are other people out there with similar skills. What sets me apart from the masses are my abilities to relate and also to utilize a wide diversity of customers. Having the unique mixture of technical abilities and people skills has helped me advance in the companies I've worked for during the past.

    If HOW TO LOCATE Local Jobs In My Area selected A#3 as the strongest answer, you are correct. This answer offers even more information about everything you could bring to the organization and takes the focus off why it provides taken you so long to look for a job. You do not dodge the issue; you merely change the focus. A key phrase in this answer is "set me in addition to the masses." It is necessary to point out why is you unique, and everything you have to offer that others usually do not.

    If you are getting interviews, it means that you have valuable skills that are of interest to the employer. Now, the strategy is to concentrate on the qualifications you can bring to this position as the solution to their needs.

    By scripting your response in preparation for this type of difficult question before the interview, you will experience well informed and more in charge. You will also have the ability to keep carefully the focus off the space of your job search and more centered on why you are the best person for this job. Doing pre-interview planning about the message you desire the interviewer to get will improve your likelihood of being taken seriously as a candidate.

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