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Getting Started

Not sure if CrossFit is for you?
Drop in for a free class!

Upon arrival, we will walk you through the standard CrossFit Vortex warm-up made up of basic bodyweight exercises. Following warm-up you will get a chance to take part in the WOD (workout of the day) with other CFV members. All exercises in the WOD are explained Pre-WOD to give you time to get used to the movements and learn proper technique. A Post-WOD of stretching and cool down exercises will follow the WOD. Each class lasts for one hour though coming a few minutes early is recommended to complete any necessary paperwork.

Classes are open to people of all fitness levels and experience. Workouts and movements can be scaled to suit your individual ability and comfort level.

Interested in getting a solid introduction to CrossFit?
Sign up for the Foundations Course!!

The Foundations Course is a series of 4 one-on-one or small group sessions scheduled by appointment only. Each session is hands-on and interactive with ample time allotted to technique building and understanding. Attention will be given to everything from the more basic CrossFit movements through to the more complicated olympic lifting, gymnastics and powerlifting movements.

This is an ideal course for beginners looking to pursue CrossFit as a fitness regime.

Please call 647-967-0948 for more information or to schedule your first session.