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I joined Crossfit Vortex July 2015 and have never looked back. Since joining, I have quickly seen my body transform and strengthen. While I struggled with chronic lower back problems most of my adult life, since becoming a “Crossfit junky”, I no longer wake up in pain. I jump out of bed and have Crossfit on my mind (more often than not!).  This passion that I share with many other members of Crossfit Vortex is largely due to Kristi Hrivnak, owner and coach. Kristi is not only a knowledgeable and qualified coach, she is compassionate, encouraging and works with every member to ensure that they are meeting their fitness goals. I admire her personal physical strength as well as her warm and outgoing disposition. She is just one of those very special people that you always want to be around. I know that my fitness goals would not have been met without Kristi’s kindness, encouragement, knowledge, and coaching.