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Team Training

Team Training In The Vortex

At a certain point, the stage for aspiring athletes in all sports becomes extremely competitive. Tension runs high as athletes prepare for the next step in their career, be it a draft year for the OHL or an offer to a reputable school. Fitness capacity and the players’ ability to withstand the rigorous demands of their sport should not stand in the way of their goals.

At CrossFit Vortex, we provide both in-season and off-season training programs for sports teams ready to take their fitness to the next level. We provide customized programs for any sport that are proven to show gains in all ten fitness domains.

• Strength
• Speed
• Power
• Agility
• Coordination

• Accuracy
• Stamina
• Flexibility
• Balance
• Endurance

Our programs are designed and tailored to focus more emphasis on the fitness domains that dominate your particular sport. While team training with CrossFit Vortex, you can expect the following:

• Results driven training designed to keep players focused, dedicated and accountable.
• Motivating team environment to develop synergy and co-operation among members.
• Increased work capacity as a whole creating a team advantage over opponents.
• Nutrition and lifestyle coaching for developing good habits outside the gym.

“A tremendous thank you goes to Kristi for the amazing training she provided for my son this summer!

When my son, Mykolai, started training with Kristi at CrossFit Vortex, he was already a very fit, high-levellacrosse and hockey athlete. After a rigorous summer in the gym, she has escalated his fitness to an overall ELITE level. CrossFit has changed him in so many ways: his upper body and core are extremely solid and strong, the new strength in his legs translates to explosive power in running and skating, and his balance has improved 100%, giving him the strong center-of-gravity needed for both sports.

Not only did Kristi make the workouts interesting and fun, she was incredibly motivating, pushing him
to the next level while supporting him every step of the way. She also took time to speak to Mykolai about nutrition, introduced him to yoga, and ensured overall bodily health, which we thoroughly appreciated.

Kristi is excellent, attentive and truly invested in the needs of young athletes! Mykolai looks forward to training next summer to achieve even greater athletic performance! Thank you Kristi!”

Mykolai and Sheona Chmilenko